Death Point is a classic stealth-action, which not only should inspire player but also surprise him. At first glance, you get almost traditional game, tightly staffed with hard levels and various tasks. Instead you are immersed in a different world, fully associating yourself with the main character. Available for iOS, Android, PC & Mac.


  • Episodic storyline in 10 chapters - all chapters out now!
  • Up to 12 hours gameplay with interesting challenges of single player game
  • Wide range of weapons, guns & gadgets
  • Low PC system requirements
  • Competent and accurate elaboration of any location.
  • High quality & stylish HD graphics · Variations of mission passing
  • Captivating storyline
  • Dynamic gameplay


Only two from your group have survived: you (fighter) & she (operator). She is blocked somewhere at the enemy’s territory, while you have come to yourself in a prison half alive, but determined and ready to revenge. The countdown has started. Elimination sensors are already ticking into your heads. The mission success & your future depend only on you. All you must do is to find the girl & to call for evacuation. Hurry up!


Developer: Andiks
Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android
Genre: Action
Social: Twitter, Facebook, VK, Youtube, Steam
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