Death Point is a great top-down action game with stealth mechanic. The plot is based on a former super spy who lives a hard life in Europe after the Third World War. People have to fight not for ideals, but for survival. Being Inspired by Metal Gear Solid, PayDay and HITMAN series, we have created a game process where will be useful to have good reflexes, endurance, the ability to think ahead.


  • Elaborated design
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Low PC system requirements
  • Сross-platform (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Synchronization on all platforms
  • Captivating storyline
  • Different ways to go through the mission
  • Fascinating grap


After the nuclear war it turned out that both cities, military facilities and clan destine command posts with military blocks’ leaders were destroyed. There is a bloody strugg le between rival powers for control over territory and natural resource s. One of the key figures of this stru ggle is the saboteur Mark Pointer. He is known for the murder, sabota ge, espionage and terrorist attack...


Developer: Andiks
Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android
Genre: Action
Social: Twitter, Facebook, VK, Youtube, Steam
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